Solidity Compiler Version Manager

SVM-RS is a Rust crate that provides cross-platform support for managing Solidity compiler versions.

Key Features

  • Cross-Platform Support: Works on multiple operating systems.
  • Version Management: Easily install, list, remove, and set Solidity compiler versions.


You can install SVM-RS from

cargo install svm-rs

Or directly from the repository:

cargo install --locked --git


SVM-RS offers a simple command-line interface for managing Solidity compiler versions:

Solc version manager
Usage: svm <COMMAND>
  help     Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
  install  Install Solc versions
  list     List all Solc versions
  remove   Remove a Solc version, or "all" to remove all versions
  use      Set a Solc version as the global default
  -h, --help     Print help
  -V, --version  Print version

This tool simplifies the process of switching between different Solidity compiler versions, making it easier to work on projects that require specific versions of the Solidity compiler.

SVM-RS is an essential tool for developers working with Solidity, providing a straightforward and efficient way to manage compiler versions.

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