interBTC is a modular and programmable layer designed to bring Bitcoin into the multi-chain ecosystem. It allows for the seamless integration of Bitcoin with other blockchain networks, enabling decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and cross-chain functionality.

About the Project

The interBTC project includes:

  • Collateralized and Permissionless Bitcoin Bridge: Based on the XCLAIM protocol, providing a secure and decentralized way to bring Bitcoin onto other blockchains.
  • DeFi Hub: Incorporates a Rust-native Uniswap v2-style AMM, Curve v1-style AMM, and a Compound v2-style money market.
  • EVM-Compatible Smart Contracts: Utilizes Parity's Frontier to support Ethereum-compatible smart contracts.
  • Bridges to Other Smart Contract Chains: Facilitates interoperability with various blockchain networks.
  • Rust Smart Contract Layer: Employs Ink! for Rust-based smart contract development, ensuring compatibility with the broader ecosystem.

Built with

  • Rust: The core development language.
  • Substrate: A modular framework for building blockchain applications.



  • Interlay: Main runtime configuration for Interlay.
  • Kintsugi: Canary network runtime configuration.
  • Common: Shared runtime configuration for both Interlay and Kintsugi.


  • annuity: Block rewards for stake-to-vote and vaults.
  • bitcoin: Library for Bitcoin type, parsing, and verification functions.
  • btc-relay: Stateful SPV client for Bitcoin, tracking forks and validating transactions.
  • clients-info: Manages current and future interbtc-client software releases.
  • collator-selection: Decentralized sequencers (collators) for the chain.
  • currency: Handles currencies (e.g., DOT/KSM/IBTC).
  • democracy: Optimistic governance fork of pallet-democracy.
  • dex-general: Uniswap v2-style AMM implementation.
  • dex-stable: Curve v1-style AMM implementation.
  • dex-swap-router: Swap router for the AMMs.
  • escrow: Rust implementation of Curve's Voting Escrow contract.
  • farming: Module for AMM liquidity mining.
  • fee: Participant reward calculation and distribution.
  • issue: Handles issuing of interBTC for BTC on Bitcoin.
  • loans: Compound v2-style money market implementation.
  • multi-transaction-payment: Allows payment of transaction fees in assets other than the native one.
  • nomination: Interface for vault nomination.
  • oracle: Trusted providers set exchange rates and Bitcoin fee estimates.
  • redeem: Handles redeeming of interBTC for BTC on Bitcoin.
  • replace: Handles replacing vaults.
  • reward: Scalable reward distribution.
  • security: Manages status and error changes.
  • staking: Core logic for vault nomination and slashing.
  • supply: Token minting and inflation.
  • tx-pause: Manages pausing of transactions.
  • vault-registry: Manages registration, collateral, and liquidation of vaults.

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