Hermes IBC Relayer

Hermes IBC Relayer is a Rust implementation of an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) relayer. It facilitates communication between different blockchain networks, enabling the transfer of data and tokens across them. This project is part of the Cosmos ecosystem, which aims to create an Internet of Blockchains.


Hermes IBC Relayer comprises primarily six crates:

  • ibc-relayer: Provides the core implementation of an IBC relayer as a library.
  • ibc-relayer-cli: A command-line interface (CLI) for the ibc-relayer library, provided as the hermes binary.
  • ibc-chain-registry: Fetches data from the Cosmos chain registry and generates configuration for Hermes.
  • ibc-telemetry: Gathers telemetry data and exposes it via a Prometheus endpoint.
  • ibc-relayer-rest: Exposes a REST API for inspecting the state of the relayer.
  • ibc-test-framework: Provides infrastructure and framework for end-to-end testing of the relayer along with Cosmos full nodes.

Key Features

  • Cross-Chain Communication: Hermes enables seamless communication between various blockchain networks, supporting the transfer of data and tokens across chains.
  • Robust Implementation: Built using Rust, Hermes ensures high performance, reliability, and security.
  • Extensible CLI: The Hermes CLI (ibc-relayer-cli) provides a powerful and user-friendly interface for interacting with the relayer.
  • Automated Chain Configuration: The ibc-chain-registry crate simplifies the process of configuring Hermes for different blockchain networks.
  • Telemetry and Monitoring: Through the ibc-telemetry crate, Hermes provides detailed telemetry data that can be monitored using Prometheus.
  • REST API: The ibc-relayer-rest crate exposes a REST API, allowing users to inspect the state of the relayer programmatically.
  • Comprehensive Testing: The ibc-test-framework crate enables thorough end-to-end testing, ensuring the reliability and stability of the relayer.

Documentation and Resources

  • Hermes Guide: A comprehensive guide for using and developing with Hermes is available at
  • IBC Website: Learn more about Inter-Blockchain Communication at the IBC website.
  • IBC Specification: The protocol specifications are maintained in the cosmos/ibc repository.


Hermes follows Semantic Versioning to manage its releases, ensuring backward compatibility and clear version increments. Note that APIs are still under active development, and users should expect changes as the project evolves.

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