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CITA is a fast and scalable blockchain kernel tailored for enterprises. It supports both native contracts and EVM contracts, allowing enterprise users to build and customize their own blockchain applications. CITA's unique architecture enables enterprises to fully utilize their computing resources.

Horizontal Scalability

CITA employs a microservice architecture, allowing a logical node to scale into a cluster of servers. Node administrators can easily increase system capacity by adding more servers during high load periods. Dedicated servers can be used to provide services for high-demand accounts. Nodes communicate via a P2P network externally and use a messaging queue for internal microservice communication.

Customizable and Pluggable Components

CITA's microservices are loosely coupled, communicating solely through the message queue. This design provides flexibility to improve current components with better algorithms or more suitable technical solutions. Business logic in enterprise applications is complex, and CITA allows easy customization to meet specific business requirements.

High Performance

In CITA, consensus and transaction execution are decoupled into separate microservices. The consensus service handles transaction ordering independently before execution, boosting transaction processing performance. CITA also includes numerous optimizations to maximize the use of multi-core and multi-server computing power, leveraging the efficiency of the Rust language.

Resiliency and Reliability

CITA offers tools to backup blockchain data via snapshots, facilitating quick resynchronization of blockchain data. With Rust’s memory and thread guarantees and a disciplined approach to exception handling, CITA ensures high reliability, preventing crashes, hangs, or unexpected failures.


CITA supports the development of smart contracts in Solidity, Go, and Rust. It is compatible with all Ethereum development tools, including Truffle, Zeppelin, and Remix.

Chain Interoperability

CITA addresses the need for blockchain interoperability by supporting cross-chain communication through a simple cross-chain protocol. Ongoing explorations aim to enhance the value of applications running across various blockchains.

Engineering Experience

CITA networks are operational in production environments within banks, payment systems, and insurance sectors, supported by Rivtower or CITA Integration Providers. The platform has accumulated significant engineering experience through these deployments.


CITA supports JSON-RPC and WebSocket (experimental) APIs. Available SDKs include:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Ruby
  • Rust

CITA is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the enterprise blockchain landscape, providing a robust and flexible platform for various applications.

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