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Diem Core implements a decentralized, programmable distributed ledger designed to provide a robust financial infrastructure capable of empowering billions of people. Developed as a prototype, Diem Core is continuously evolving, with APIs and functionalities subject to substantial changes before the official release.

Important Note to Readers

In January 2022, Silvergate Capital Corporation announced the acquisition of intellectual property and other technology assets from Diem to enhance its blockchain-based payment network and stablecoin infrastructure.

Note to Developers

Diem Core is currently a prototype. The APIs are constantly evolving and are designed to demonstrate various functionalities. Developers should expect substantial changes as the project progresses. A testnet has been launched to serve as a live demonstration of an early prototype of the Diem Blockchain software.

Getting Started

Try Diem Core

Explore the functionalities of Diem Core by getting started with some basic transactions. Refer to the documentation for detailed guides and examples.

My First Transaction

Learn how to perform your first transaction on the Diem Blockchain by following the step-by-step instructions provided.

Getting Started With Move

Move is a programming language with programmable resources, designed specifically for the Diem Blockchain. Begin your journey with Move by accessing the comprehensive guides and tutorials available.

Technical Papers

Diem Core's development is supported by a range of technical papers detailing the underlying technologies and methodologies:

  • The Diem Blockchain: An overview of the architecture and design of the Diem Blockchain.
  • Move: A Language With Programmable Resources: Detailed insights into the Move programming language.
  • State Machine Replication in the Diem Blockchain: Examination of the state machine replication protocol used in Diem.


Diem Improvement Proposals (DIPs) are an essential aspect of the governance framework, allowing community members to contribute to the development and enhancement of the Diem ecosystem.


Stay updated with the latest developments and insights by reading the Diem blog. Key articles include:

  • Diem: The Path Forward: An overview of the future direction and vision for Diem.

Diem Core is poised to revolutionize the financial infrastructure, making secure and programmable financial services accessible to a global audience.

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