The Subspace Network Monorepo contains the implementation of the Subspace node/client using the Substrate framework and farmer app implementations. This repository is central to the development and maintenance of the Subspace Network.

Key Features

  • Subspace Node: A full node implementation for the Subspace protocol.
  • Subspace Farmer: A CLI application for farming Subspace coins.
  • Decoupled Execution and Domains: Includes client and runtime code for specialized domains.

Repository Structure

The structure of the Subspace Network Monorepo is organized as follows:

  • crates: Contains Subspace-specific Rust crates used to build the node and farmer. Most crates follow Substrate naming conventions.
    • subspace-node: The implementation of the node for the Subspace protocol.
    • subspace-farmer: A CLI farmer application.
  • domains: Contains client and runtime code for decoupled execution and domains.
  • orml: A fork of the ORML vesting pallet with modified dependencies.

How to Run

Running the Farmer

To learn how to run the farmer, refer to the guide.

Development and Building from Source

For farming offline, building from source, or development purposes, refer to the guide.

The Subspace repository provides a robust and scalable solution for blockchain applications, leveraging the power and flexibility of the Substrate framework.

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