HDWallet is a Rust crate designed to facilitate Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet key derivation, following the BIP-32 standard. This crate is built on the robust secp256k1 library, focusing exclusively on BIP-32 features, and is an essential tool for developers working with cryptocurrency wallet systems.

Key Features

  • ChainPath and KeyChain: These structures are fundamental for deriving HD wallet keys, allowing users to navigate the hierarchical structure of keys effortlessly.
  • Derivation: This component describes the key derivation information, ensuring that the process adheres to BIP-32 standards.
  • ExtendedPrivKey and ExtendedPubKey: These represent extended private and public keys, respectively. They are capable of deriving child keys, providing the flexibility needed for various cryptographic applications.
  • KeyIndex: Indicates the index and type (Normal or Hardened) of child keys, crucial for distinguishing between different levels of key derivation.
  • Error: A comprehensive error handling mechanism to manage potential issues that may arise during key derivation.

Usage and Documentation

The hdwallet crate serves as a key derivation framework, making it versatile for various cryptographic purposes. For developers interested in Bitcoin-specific key derivation, the hdwallet-bitcoin extension provides tailored functionality.

Documentation Resources

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