Coinbase Pro Client for Rust

The Coinbase Pro Client for Rust is a robust library that facilitates interaction with the Coinbase Pro API. It supports synchronous (sync), asynchronous (async), and websocket-feed data operations, making it versatile for various application needs.


  • Private and Public API: Access both private and public endpoints of the Coinbase Pro API.
  • Sync and Async Support: Choose between synchronous and asynchronous modes based on your application's requirements.
  • Websocket-feed Support: Stream real-time data through websocket connections.


To get started, add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml:

coinbase-pro-rs = "0.7.1"

Async Example

Using the asynchronous client with hyper and tokio:

use hyper::rt::Future;
use coinbase_pro_rs::{Public, ASync, SANDBOX_URL};
fn main() {
    let client: Public<ASync> = Public::new_with_keep_alive(SANDBOX_URL, false);
    // If keep_alive is not disabled - tokio::run will hold the connection without exiting the example
    let f = client.get_time()
        .map_err(|_| ())
        .and_then(|time| {
            println!("Coinbase.time: {}", time.iso);
    tokio::run(f); // waiting for tokio

Sync Example

Using the synchronous client:

use coinbase_pro_rs::{Public, Sync, SANDBOX_URL};
fn main() {
   let client: Public<Sync> = Public::new(SANDBOX_URL);
   let time = client.get_time().unwrap();
   println!("Coinbase.time: {}", time.iso);

Websocket Example

Streaming data through the websocket feed:

use futures::{Future, Stream};
use coinbase_pro_rs::{WSFeed, WS_SANDBOX_URL};
use coinbase_pro_rs::structs::wsfeed::*;
fn main() {
    let stream = WSFeed::connect(WS_SANDBOX_URL, &["BTC-USD"], &[ChannelType::Heartbeat])
    let f = stream
        .for_each(|msg| {
            match msg {
                Message::Heartbeat {sequence, last_trade_id, time, ..} => println!("{}: seq:{} id{}",
                                                                                   time, sequence, last_trade_id),
                Message::Error {message} => println!("Error: {}", message),
                Message::InternalError(_) => panic!("internal_error"),
                other => println!("{:?}", other)
    tokio::run(f.map_err(|_| panic!("stream fail")));

The Coinbase Pro Client for Rust is designed to simplify the integration with Coinbase Pro, providing developers with the tools to efficiently access and manage cryptocurrency data and transactions.

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