Nervos CKB

Nervos CKB (Common Knowledge Base) is a public and permissionless layer-1 blockchain that leverages Proof of Work and an improved Nakamoto consensus to achieve optimal performance on average hardware and network bandwidth, while maintaining core layer-1 values of decentralization and security. Part of the broader Nervos Network, CKB serves as a foundational element in a suite of scalable and interoperable blockchain protocols aimed at creating a self-evolving distributed economy.

Key Features

Nervos CKB offers several unique and powerful features:

  • Proof of Work: Utilizes the Eaglesong mining algorithm to secure the network, ensuring robust security and decentralization.
  • CKB-VM: A virtual machine compatible with RISC-V ISA, supporting scripting in any programming language, thereby enhancing flexibility and developer accessibility.
  • Universal Verification Layer: Focuses on verification, delegating computation to layer 2 (and higher) applications and protocols, optimizing overall performance and scalability.

Development and Contribution

Nervos CKB's development process is meticulously organized:

  • Branches: The master branch is considered production-ready and regularly tested, while the develop branch is used for integrating new features and is less stable.
  • Contribution Guidelines: Detailed in, providing a clear workflow for new contributors.
  • Security Policies: Outlined in, ensuring a secure development environment.
  • Proposing Changes: New protocol or standard proposals can be submitted via the Nervos RFC repository.

Ecosystem and Community

Nervos CKB fosters a vibrant community and ecosystem:

  • Networks: Users can join the mainnet (Mirana) or testnet (Pudge) using the latest releases and initializing their nodes with specific commands. Each network has its activation epoch, ensuring a structured and organized network upgrade process.
  • Documentation and Resources: Extensive documentation is available to assist developers and users. Key documents include:

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