Rust-SV is a versatile library designed to facilitate the development of Bitcoin SV applications and infrastructure using the Rust programming language. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that simplify the process of building secure and efficient Bitcoin SV solutions.


For detailed information, refer to the official Rust-SV documentation.


Rust-SV includes a wide range of features to support Bitcoin SV development:

  • P2P protocol messages: Construction and serialization of peer-to-peer protocol messages.
  • Address encoding and decoding: Efficient encoding and decoding of Bitcoin SV addresses.
  • Transaction signing: Tools for signing transactions securely.
  • Script evaluation: Evaluation of Bitcoin scripts.
  • Node connections and basic message handling: Manage connections to Bitcoin SV nodes and handle basic messages.
  • Wallet key derivation and mnemonic parsing: Derive wallet keys and parse mnemonics.
  • Mainnet and testnet support: Support for both mainnet and testnet environments.
  • Various Bitcoin primitives: Access to fundamental Bitcoin SV components.
  • Genesis upgrade support: Compatibility with the Genesis upgrade.


To install Rust-SV, add the following line to your Cargo.toml file:

sv = "0.2"

Known Limitations

While Rust-SV is a powerful tool, it has some known limitations. It should not be used for consensus code because its validation checks are incomplete.

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