MEV Inspect

MEV Inspect is a powerful tool designed for inspecting Miner Extractable Value (MEV) on the Ethereum blockchain. Written in Rust, it provides robust and efficient inspection capabilities for various DeFi protocols. This tool is part of the Flashbots ecosystem, which focuses on researching and mitigating the negative externalities of MEV.


MEV Inspect supports a wide range of DeFi protocols, including:

  • Curve
  • Balancer
  • Uniswap (and its clones)
  • Aave
  • Compound
  • 0x
  • DyDx

These inspectors allow users to analyze transactions and blocks for MEV opportunities and activities across these popular protocols.


To build MEV Inspect, you can use the following command:

cargo build --release

This command compiles the project in release mode, ensuring the best performance.

Running the CLI

MEV Inspect comes with a versatile CLI that offers various options and commands for inspecting transactions and blocks. The basic usage is as follows:

Usage: ./target/release/mev-inspect [OPTIONS]
Optional arguments:
  -h, --help              Show help message
  -r, --reset             Clear and re-build the database
  -o, --overwrite         Do not skip blocks which already exist
  -u, --url URL           The tracing / archival node's URL (default: http://localhost:8545)
  -c, --cache CACHE       Path to where traces will be cached
  -d, --db-cfg DB-CFG     Database config
  -D, --db-table DB-TABLE The table of the database (default: mev_inspections)
Available commands:
  tx      Inspect a transaction
  blocks  Inspect a range of blocks

These options and commands allow users to customize their inspection processes, connect to different nodes, and manage database configurations effectively.

Running the Tests

Testing is an essential aspect of MEV Inspect to ensure its reliability and accuracy. The tests require Postgres to be installed. To run the tests, use the following command:

cargo test

This command will execute all the tests defined in the project, verifying the functionality and performance of MEV Inspect.

MEV Inspect is a vital tool for anyone involved in the Ethereum ecosystem, providing deep insights into MEV activities and enabling more transparent and fair interactions within DeFi protocols.

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