Sigma Rust

Sigma Rust is a Rust implementation of the ErgoScript cryptocurrency scripting language. It provides libraries and bindings to facilitate the development and integration of ErgoScript in various programming environments.

Key Features

  • ErgoScript Implementation: Full support for de/serialization, parsing, and executing ErgoScript, a powerful scripting language for the Ergo blockchain.
  • Library and Bindings: Includes multiple crates and bindings for different languages, making it versatile for different development needs.


Sigma Rust is composed of several crates, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. ergo-lib:

    • Provides wallet-related features including chain types, JSON serialization, box selection, transaction building, and signing.
  2. ergotree-interpreter:

    • ErgoTree interpreter.
  3. ergotree-ir:

    • ErgoTree IR and serialization.
  4. ergoscript-compiler:

    • ErgoScript compiler.
  5. sigma-ser:

    • Ergo binary serialization primitives.


Sigma Rust also provides bindings for various programming languages to facilitate integration:

Usage Examples

For practical usage examples, check out the following projects:

Sigma Rust provides a robust platform for developers to work with ErgoScript, offering extensive libraries and bindings for diverse programming environments.

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