ChainX is a community-driven project built on the next-generation blockchain framework Substrate. It is the largest Layer-2 network of Bitcoin using the Light-client protocol with smart contract support, serving as the third relay chain besides Polkadot/Kusama. Additional parachains such as SherpaX and MiniX will be integrated into the ecosystem.

The Fragmented Web3 Crypto World

The crypto world has faced numerous challenges, but innovation and reform have been constant. Various altcoins like Dogecoin, LTC, and BCH were introduced to address Bitcoin's scalability and payment performance issues. Similarly, public chains like BSC, EOS, Polkadot, and Avalanche emerged to tackle Ethereum's gas fees and dapp scalability.

Despite these advancements, establishing dapps on mainstream public chains presents issues: different ecosystems remain isolated, dispersing value and limiting liquidity. DEXs cannot achieve the liquidity of CEXs due to this fragmentation. Embracing decentralization is crucial, as it is the fundamental attribute and future of the crypto world.

ChainX aims to resolve these issues by aggregating fragmented communities and ecosystems.

How ChainX Solves These Problems

Scalability of POW Tokens

ChainX uses a light node + multi-centralized hosting model, integrated with Taproot aggregated signature, MAST contract, and Signal distributed computing protocol. An on-chain lightning network model is also adopted to solve the scalability of POW tokens like BTC in a decentralized manner.

Isolation of EVM Public Chains

ChainX leverages the LayerZero protocol to achieve cross-chain integration among EVM chains. An aggregation protocol will be deployed on ChainX EVM to unify liquidity across platforms and chains, allowing pools on UniSwap and PancakeSwap to share liquidity.

Additionally, ChainX ensures consistent mapping between ENS and various public chain domain name systems, enhancing interoperability and ecosystem cohesion.

ChainX Ecological Projects

  • ComingChat: An integrated web3 portal for encrypted social, digital identity, NFT, digital wallet, and smart contract platform. It aims to be a secure and trusted web3 gateway.
  • SherpaX: ChainX's EVM & WASM Smart Contract Parachain.
  • MiniX: A parachain for digital identity, NFT, and reputation systems.
  • SoSwap: An omni-chain DEX enabling multiple chains to share liquidity.
  • ComFuture: A platform for digital identity, NFT creation, and auction trading.
  • USB: A decentralized expansion of BTC allowing integration with any EVM ecological chain.


ChainX welcomes all kinds of contributions. Feel free to submit issues if you encounter any questions or problems.

Metamask Configuration for BTC

Network name: ChainX


Chain ID: 1501

Currency symbol: BTC

Block explorer URL (Optional):

PCX (ERC20): 0xf3607524cAB05762cB5F0cAb17e4cA3A0F0b4E87

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