Holochain is an open-source framework designed to develop peer-to-peer applications that emphasize high levels of security, reliability, and performance. It enables the creation of distributed applications without the need for centralized servers, thereby supporting the vision of a truly decentralized internet.

Key Features

  • Security: Holochain is built with a focus on security, ensuring that applications developed on the platform are resilient against various threats.
  • Reliability: The framework ensures consistent performance and reliability, making it suitable for applications that require high uptime and robustness.
  • Performance: By eliminating the need for centralized servers, Holochain applications can achieve better performance and scalability.

Code Status

Holochain is currently in its initial Beta release. It is suitable for limited production use but is still undergoing security reviews and hardening of network protocols. Developers are encouraged to contribute to its ongoing improvement and stability.

Running Holochain Applications (hApps)

This repository contains the core libraries necessary for building Holochain applications. For end-users who want to install and run Holochain and its applications, the Holochain Launcher can be downloaded from the Holochain Launcher releases page, with versions available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Installing Holochain for App Development

Developers interested in building applications on Holochain can find installation instructions and resources on the Holochain Developer Portal.

Connect with the Holochain community on Discord

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