Zone of Control (ZoC) - Turn-Based Strategy Game

Zone of Control (ZoC) is a turn-based hexagonal strategy game developed in Rust. Although the project has been discontinued, it remains a significant example of Rust's capabilities in game development. The game incorporates complex mechanics such as advanced fog of war, a slot system for multiple units per tile, reaction fire, and a morale/suppression system.

ZoC Gameplay ZoC Gameplay

Project Discontinuation

ZoC has been discontinued, as announced by the developer. For more details, see the official announcement.


Precompiled binaries for Linux, Windows, and OSX are available on the ZoC releases page.


ZoC offers a tactical and strategic gaming experience with a focus on capturing and holding control zones for a specified number of turns. The game features various terrain types and unit classifications, each with unique attributes and abilities.

Core Features

  • Advanced Fog of War: Enhances tactical planning by obscuring parts of the map.
  • Slot System: Allows multiple units to occupy a single tile.
  • Reaction Fire: Inspired by XCOM, this feature enables units to fire in response to enemy movements.
  • Morale and Suppression: Affects unit performance and abilities based on battlefield conditions.

Terrain Types

  • Plain
  • Trees
  • Water
  • Road/Bridge
  • City

Unit Types


  • Rifleman: Basic infantry type with four soldiers per squad.
  • SMG: Effective at short ranges, with three soldiers per squad.
  • Scout: Extended visibility range, ideal for detecting hidden enemies, with two soldiers per squad.
  • Mortar: Can deploy smokescreens, but is slow and defenseless.
  • Field Gun: Effective against vehicles, slow-moving, and cannot be transported inside trucks but can be towed.


  • Jeep: Fast, effective against infantry and helicopters.
  • Truck: Transports infantry units.
  • Light Tank
  • Light Self-Propelled Gun: Light tank armor with a medium tank gun.
  • Medium Tank
  • Heavy Tank
  • Mammoth Tank


  • Helicopter: Flies over all terrain, with unobstructed line of sight.

Morale/Suppression System

  • Units start with 100 morale points, restoring 10 points each turn.
  • Morale decreases based on damage chance when attacked, even if the attack misses.
  • Additional suppression occurs if a squad member is killed.
  • Units with morale below 50 become suppressed and cannot attack.



Basic game assets are available in a separate repository. To download them, run:

make assets
# or
git clone assets


To build ZoC, use:

# or
cargo build


To run the game, use:

make run
# or
cargo run
# or


For building and running on Android, follow the setup instructions in the android-rs-glue repository, then use:

make android_run

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