Chess TUI

Chess TUI is an innovative terminal user interface (TUI) for playing chess, developed in Rust. The project provides a seamless and interactive way to enjoy chess directly from your terminal. Its implementation ensures that even in a text-based environment, users can experience the complexity and excitement of a traditional chess game.

Key Features

Helper Menu

The helper menu is a standout feature, offering players easy access to commands and controls without needing to refer to external documentation. This enhances the user experience by providing on-the-fly assistance.

Helper menu Helper menu

Piece Moves and Checkmate

The interface effectively handles all standard chess moves and conditions for checkmate, ensuring an authentic chess experience.

Piece moves and checkmate Piece moves and checkmate

Draw Conditions

The application supports various draw conditions in chess, including:

  • Stalemate
  • 50 moves rule
  • Threefold repetition

These rules are essential for a comprehensive chess-playing experience, adhering to official chess regulations.

Piece Promotion

While a demo for piece promotion isn't available yet, the feature is supported, allowing pawns to be promoted to other pieces, a critical aspect of advanced gameplay.

Play Against a Chess Engine

Chess TUI allows users to play against any UCI-compatible chess engines. This feature broadens the scope of gameplay, enabling users to challenge sophisticated AI opponents.

Play against a chess engine Play against a chess engine

Installation Methods

Chess TUI can be installed and run via multiple methods, ensuring accessibility across different systems:

  • Docker: Run using a Docker container for a quick setup.
  • Cargo: Install using Rust's package manager.
  • GitHub: Clone the repository and build it manually.
  • NetBSD: Available as a pre-compiled binary in the official repositories.
  • Arch Linux: Install from the official Arch repositories.

Project Roadmap

The project's future developments and planned features are detailed in its roadmap. This provides insights into upcoming improvements and opportunities for contribution.

Availability on

Chess TUI is also available on, allowing easy integration into other Rust projects.

Connecting a Chess Engine

To play against a chess engine, users can link any UCI-compatible engine using the -e command-line option, ensuring flexibility in gameplay. For example:

chess-tui -e /your/bin/path

This command sets up the chess engine for repeated use without needing to relink it.

Chess TUI is a powerful tool for chess enthusiasts looking for a text-based gaming experience. Its rich feature set and robust implementation in Rust make it a noteworthy addition to the world of terminal-based applications.

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