Rust Quake - Quake Level Renderer

Rust Quake is a straightforward Quake level renderer developed in the Rust programming language. This tool allows users to render levels from the classic Quake game, providing an opportunity to explore and visualize Quake maps in a modern programming environment.

start.bsp rendered start.bsp rendered

Project Introduction

Rust Quake brings the nostalgic experience of Quake level rendering into the Rust ecosystem. While the project is simple in nature, it serves as a functional example of leveraging Rust's performance and safety features for game-related applications.


To use Rust Quake, you need to provide your own PAK0.PAK file, which contains the necessary game data for rendering. Place this file in the id1 folder within the project directory.

Build and Run

To build and run Rust Quake, ensure you have Rust and Cargo installed on your system. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:

    git clone
    cd rust-quake
  2. Build the project:

    cargo build --release
  3. Run the renderer:

    cargo run --release


  • Quake Level Rendering: Load and render Quake levels using the PAK0.PAK file.
  • Written in Rust: Utilizes Rust's capabilities for a safe and efficient rendering process.
  • Exploration Tool: Allows users to explore classic Quake maps with modern tooling.


The following screenshot shows the rendered output of the start.bsp level:

start.bsp rendered start.bsp rendered

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