Citybound is an innovative city-building game that emphasizes realism, collaborative planning, and the simulation of microscopic details. Independently developed and open-source, Citybound offers players a unique and detailed approach to city planning and management.

Key Features

Realism and Detail

Citybound aims to create a realistic city-building experience by focusing on the simulation of microscopic details. This includes intricate systems for traffic, economy, and citizen behavior, providing a comprehensive and immersive gameplay experience.

Collaborative Planning

One of Citybound's standout features is its emphasis on collaborative planning. Players can work together to design and manage their cities, making the game a social and interactive experience. This feature is especially beneficial for communities and groups looking to collaborate on large-scale projects.

Open Source Development

As an open-source project, Citybound invites developers and enthusiasts to contribute to its ongoing development. The game's code is accessible, allowing for community-driven improvements and expansions.

Regular Updates and Builds

Citybound is continuously updated with new features and improvements. The latest downloadable game builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available here. This ensures that players have access to the most current version of the game with all the latest enhancements.

Comprehensive Documentation

Citybound provides extensive documentation to help players and contributors understand its mechanics and development process. The Living Design Doc includes detailed notes, plans, inspirations, and references, offering deep insights into the game's design philosophy.

Community and Contributions

Citybound thrives on community involvement. The game's development is funded through Patreon, allowing supporters to contribute to its growth. Additionally, the project welcomes contributions from developers, with comprehensive guidelines available in the Contributing & Development document. This includes instructions for the custom build process, making it easy for new contributors to get involved.

Citybound stands out as a sophisticated and collaborative city-building game, driven by realism and community involvement. Its open-source nature and detailed simulation mechanics make it a noteworthy project for both players and developers.

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