rsnake is a rendition of the classic snake game, built using the Rust programming language and the piston_window window wrapper. This project serves as both a fun game and an example of using Rust for game development.

rsnake gameplay rsnake gameplay

Building Locally

To run the game:

cargo run

To build a release binary and execute it:

cargo build --release


  • W/A/S/D or Up/Left/Down/Right: Control snake direction.
  • R: Restart the game (not functional yet).
  • ESC: Quit the game.

Known Flaws / ToDo List

  • R key has no effect yet.
  • Implement an end screen with restart and quit buttons.
  • Prevent the fruit and snake from spawning at the same coordinates or inside the snake's tail.

Explore rsnake to enjoy a classic game experience while seeing Rust's capabilities in game development. Contributions and suggestions for improvements are welcome!

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