Rusted Ruins

Rusted Ruins is an extensible open world roguelike game with pixel art, written in Rust. This game invites players to explore a vast wilderness and mysterious ruins, offering a rich and engaging gameplay experience.

Game Objective

In Rusted Ruins, players arrive at a newly discovered continent filled with ancient ruins. The goal is to explore these ruins, battle monsters, collect relics, and uncover the secrets of the ruined civilization. Success in the game brings wealth and fame.

Key Features

2D Graphics and Pixel Art

The game features charming 2D graphics with detailed pixel art, creating an immersive visual experience.

Open World and Exploration

Players can explore a vast open world, discovering new areas, towns, and ruins. The game provides various playing styles and objectives, allowing each player to have a unique adventure.

Extensibility with Pak Files

Rusted Ruins is designed to be easily extensible. Most assets are packaged as pak files, which can be created using the makepak tool. This system allows users to add new characters, items, and dungeons, enhancing the game's content and replayability.

Map Editor and Scripting

The game includes a map editor for creating custom maps and a scripting system to describe in-game events and dialogues. This empowers players and developers to create and share their custom content.

Dynamic Game World

The game world is dynamic and interactive. Implemented features include random dungeon generation, item creation (crafting and cooking), agriculture, mining, town building, home construction, and wilderness exploration.


Ruin (Example of Auto-Generated Map)

exploring-ruin exploring-ruin

Town (Example of Created Map by Map Editor)

town town


For a gameplay demonstration, watch the video here.

Current Status

Rusted Ruins is in the early stages of development. Many features are still being implemented, and the binary format of pak files and save files may change before version 1.0. For the latest updates, check the changelog.

Implemented Features

  • Random dungeon generation
  • Item creation (crafting, cooking)
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Town building
  • Home construction
  • Wilderness map exploration

Planned Features

  • Allies (NPCs and livestock)
  • Relationships with factions
  • Town economy (growing economic scale affecting shop goods)
  • Various quests, including a main quest

Pak Files

Pak files handle most image data and assets in the game. These files can be managed and created using the tools provided in the rusted-ruins-pak repository.

Precompiled Packages

For Windows users, precompiled packages can be downloaded from the Releases page. A Debian package is also available.

How to Build and Run

To build and try Rusted Ruins, install the necessary SDL2 libraries and Rust compilation tools. Use rustup to install Rust, clone the repository, download pak files, and run the game.

Installation on Ubuntu

sudo apt install libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libsdl2-image-dev libsdl2-mixer-dev

Installation on Fedora

sudo dnf install SDL2-devel.x86_64 SDL2_image-devel.x86_64 SDL2_ttf-devel.x86_64 SDL2_mixer-devel.x86_64

Building the Game

git clone
cd rusted-ruins
RUSTED_RUINS_ASSETS_DIR=./assets cargo run --release -p rusted-ruins


Operate the player character using the keyboard and mouse. Various actions, such as moving, attacking, and interacting with the environment, can be performed using mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts.

how to operate how to operate

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
  • Enter: Interact with towns, dungeons, and stairs
  • e: Eat an item
  • g: Pick up items
  • h: Help
  • q: Drink an item
  • r: Release a magical device item
  • v: Drop items
  • 0-9: Call shortcuts registered by the player
  • F1-F6: Open various game windows
  • F12: Debug command

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