Magog - A Fantasy Deathcrawl in Rust

Magog is an immersive fantasy deathcrawl game currently under development, built using the Rust programming language. The game is designed to challenge players with its intense and unforgiving gameplay, all navigated through a keyboard-only interface.


Magog sets players in a dark, mysterious world filled with treacherous challenges and formidable enemies. The goal is to navigate through this perilous environment, utilizing strategic movement and resource management to survive. The game's work-in-progress status means that features and mechanics are continuously evolving, with plans for enhanced user experience and additional content in future updates.

Gameplay Mechanics


The game employs a simple yet effective movement system, allowing players to navigate the dungeon using the following keys:

  • QWE, ASD: Move around the map.


  • Esc: Open the inventory screen to manage items and equipment.
  • Space: Wait for a turn, allowing strategic planning and timing of actions.

These controls ensure that gameplay remains fast-paced and responsive, requiring quick thinking and adaptability from players.

Development and Technical Details

To run Magog, you need to have the Rust compiler and Cargo package manager installed on your system. You can start the game with the following command:

cargo run --release

Windows Users

When building on Windows, you might need to have MinGW gcc installed and included in your system's PATH to build all necessary dependencies correctly. This setup ensures that all Rust crates and external libraries are compiled without issues.

Visuals and Screenshots

Although the game is still in the development phase, early screenshots from October 2017 showcase the visual style and atmosphere that players can expect. These images provide a glimpse into the dark and foreboding world of Magog.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 3

Magog's visual elements are designed to enhance the immersive experience, with a focus on detailed environments and eerie, atmospheric lighting.

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