Theta Wave - Space Shooter Game

Theta Wave is an action-packed space shooter game created using the Amethyst engine. Inspired by classic games like Raiden and The Binding of Isaac, Theta Wave combines fast-paced gameplay with strategic elements, offering a thrilling experience for players.

Gameplay of Theta Wave Gameplay of Theta Wave

Project Introduction

Theta Wave leverages the capabilities of the Amethyst engine, known for its high performance and flexibility in game development. This game showcases the engine's potential while delivering a compelling gameplay experience that stands out in the genre.

Game Introduction

In Theta Wave, players control a spaceship tasked with defending an objective. The primary goal is to survive through multiple levels by:

  • Destroying Enemies: Engage in intense battles with a variety of enemy ships.
  • Collecting Consumables: Gather power-ups and resources to enhance your ship's capabilities.
  • Purchasing Items: Buy helpful items and upgrades to strengthen your defense and attack power.
  • Defeating the Final Boss: Face off against formidable bosses at the end of levels to progress further.

The combination of these elements ensures that Theta Wave offers both excitement and depth, keeping players engaged as they navigate through increasingly challenging levels.

Build and Run

To build and run Theta Wave, follow these steps:

For macOS Users

Remove the vulkan feature in Cargo.toml and replace it with metal.

General Build Instructions

Run the following command to build and run the game:

cargo run --release

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