RisingWave is a Postgres-compatible streaming database designed to provide a simple and cost-efficient approach for processing, analyzing, and managing real-time event streaming data. Developed with high performance and scalability in mind, RisingWave is a powerful tool for modern data processing needs.

RisingWave RisingWave

Key Features

Incrementally Updated Materialized Views

RisingWave offers incrementally updated, consistent materialized views. These views provide:

  • Cost-efficiency: Up to 95% cost savings compared to state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Synchronous Refresh: Without compromising consistency.
  • Extensive SQL Support: Including joins, deletes, and updates.
  • High Concurrency: Efficient query serving.
  • Instant Fault Tolerance: Ensuring reliability.
  • Dynamic Scaling: Transparent and efficient.
  • Speedy Bootstrapping and Backfilling: For fast data processing.

Comprehensive Stream Processing

RisingWave is equipped with essential stream processing features:

  • Exactly-once Consistency: Reliable data processing.
  • Time Window Functions: Detailed in the documentation.
  • Watermarks: Learn more here.
  • Cascaded Materialized Views: Simplifying complex stream processing logic.
  • Data Persistence: Directly within the system, avoiding external dependencies.

Database Capabilities

RisingWave extends beyond basic streaming data processing with robust database functionalities:

  • High Availability
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Integration with Data Modeling Tools: Such as dbt.
  • Integration with Database Management Tools: Such as Dbeaver.
  • Integration with BI Tools: Such as Grafana.
  • Schema Change Support
  • Semi-Structured Data Processing


To quickly try out RisingWave, use the following command to install it in standalone mode:

curl https://risingwave.com/sh | sh

For other installation options, such as Docker or Kubernetes, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

Production Deployments

Use Cases

RisingWave is utilized in various real-time applications including:

  • Real-Time Data Processing and Transformation
  • Offloading Event-Driven Queries from Operational Databases
  • Real-Time ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Supporting Real-Time Feature Stores

Read more about its use cases here.

Community and Support

For help, discussions, or collaboration, join the RisingWave Slack workspace. Stay updated with the latest releases by following RisingWave on Twitter or subscribing to the newsletter.


RisingWave collects anonymized usage statistics to improve the product. Users can opt out at any time. Refer to the user documentation for more details.

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