AtomicServer is an innovative and lightweight Content Management System (CMS) and Graph Database designed to create, share, fetch, and model Atomic Data. This powerful tool boasts high performance with less than 1ms median response time, achieved through the use of actix-web and sled.

Key Features

  • Fast and Efficient: AtomicServer delivers a rapid response time, ensuring high performance for various operations.
  • Lightweight: With an 8MB download size and no runtime dependencies, AtomicServer is easy to set up and use across different platforms including Linux, Windows, macOS, and ARM.
  • Custom Data Models: Users can create their own classes, properties, and schemas using the built-in Ontology Editor. All data models are verified and shareable through Atomic Schema.
  • Restful API: Provides flexible interaction through a RESTful API, with JSON-AD responses.
  • Full-text Search: Features fast and comprehensive full-text search capabilities, powered by tantivy, with responses often under 3ms.
  • Versatile Data Handling: Supports tables with strict schema validation, collaborative documents similar to Google Docs, and flexible message channels for group chat.
  • File Management: Allows for seamless file upload, download, and preview.
  • Event-sourced Versioning: Maintains history and versioning through Atomic Commits.
  • Real-time Synchronization: Instantly communicates state changes to clients, facilitating the creation of dynamic and collaborative applications using websockets.
  • Serialization Options: Supports multiple serialization formats including JSON, JSON-AD, and various Linked Data / RDF formats.
  • Advanced Query Capabilities: Enables pagination, sorting, and filtering of queries using Atomic Collections.
  • Robust Authorization: Implements read/write permissions and hierarchical structures through Atomic Hierarchy.
  • Invite and Sharing System: Facilitates user invitations and resource sharing with Atomic Invites.
  • Embedded Server: Includes support for HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP2.0 (TLS) with a built-in Let's Encrypt handshake.
  • Extensive Libraries: Offers libraries for Javascript/Typescript, React, Svelte, and Rust, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of integration.

Additional Resources

  • Atomic Data Browser: A React front-end for AtomicServer.
  • NPM Libraries: Includes libraries like @tomic/lib, @tomic/react, and @tomic/svelte for easy integration.
  • Rust Library: The atomic_lib provides a comprehensive Rust library.
  • Command Line Interface: The atomic-cli offers a powerful terminal client for interacting with AtomicServer.

For more detailed documentation and usage instructions, visit the official documentation.

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