Qrlew is a versatile Rust library developed by Sarus Technologies, offering a variety of functionalities and utilities to enhance your Rust applications. The library is well-documented and maintained, providing developers with robust tools for efficient software development.


Qrlew encompasses a wide range of features designed to facilitate the development of Rust applications. The library is structured to provide both high-level abstractions and low-level control, catering to a broad spectrum of use cases.

Comprehensive Documentation

Qrlew is extensively documented, ensuring developers have access to detailed explanations and examples for all its features. The documentation can be found on docs.rs and the general project documentation is available on Read the Docs.

Continuous Integration

The Qrlew project employs continuous integration (CI) to ensure code quality and reliability. The status of the CI pipeline can be checked through the badge provided in the README: Qrlew Qrlew

Community and Support

Qrlew boasts a supportive community and active development team. Developers can join the conversation and seek help through the project's Discord channel. Additionally, updates and announcements are shared on Sarus Technologies' Twitter.

Crates.io Availability

The Qrlew library is available on Crates.io, making it easy to integrate into Rust projects. Developers can add Qrlew to their Cargo.toml to start leveraging its features immediately.


To install Qrlew, add the following line to your Cargo.toml:

qrlew = "0.1.0"

This command ensures that the latest version of Qrlew is included in your project, allowing you to utilize its extensive functionality.


Qrlew is designed to be straightforward to use, with clear documentation and examples provided for each feature. Developers can find detailed usage instructions and examples in the documentation.

Here is a simple example of using Qrlew in a Rust project:

use qrlew::some_functionality;
fn main() {
    let result = some_functionality();
    println!("Result: {}", result);

This example demonstrates the ease of integrating and using Qrlew in a typical Rust application.


Sarus Technologies welcomes contributions to the Qrlew project. Developers interested in contributing can find the contribution guidelines on the project's GitHub repository. Contributions help in improving the library and expanding its features, making it more useful for the wider community.

About Sarus Technologies

Sarus Technologies is dedicated to developing high-quality software solutions. The team behind Qrlew is committed to maintaining the library and providing ongoing support to its users. Sarus Technologies focuses on innovation and excellence, striving to deliver powerful tools that enhance the development experience.

For more information about Sarus Technologies and their projects, visit Sarus Technologies.

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