DB3 Network

DB3 Network is a lightweight, permanent JSON document database specifically designed for Web3. It provides a robust solution for storing and retrieving data for decentralized applications (dApps) that operate on blockchain technology. With DB3 Network, developers can leverage two core functionalities: using it as a JSON document database and periodically rolling up the JSON documents to Arweave at a very low cost.

DB3 Network operates through two main nodes:

  1. Data Rollup Node: This node is responsible for accepting write operations, compressing the data, rolling it up to Arweave, and storing the metadata in the smart contract.
  2. Data Index Node: This node synchronizes data from the Data Rollup Node in real-time or recovers the index using metadata in the smart contract and files in Arweave, serving the index as a queryable API.

To ensure data integrity and prevent tampering, every JSON document must be signed by its owner, and only the owner can update or delete the document.

Key Features

Decentralized Storage

DB3 Network uses decentralized data storage, unlike traditional databases like MongoDB, which rely on centralized storage systems. This ensures that data stored in DB3 Network is permanently available and resilient against failures.

Web3 Integration

DB3 Network is tailored for Web3 applications, making it ideal for developers building dApps. It seamlessly integrates with blockchain technology, providing a reliable backend for data management.


By rolling up JSON documents to Arweave, DB3 Network offers a cost-effective solution for storing large amounts of data. This periodic roll-up process ensures that data is stored securely and permanently at a minimal cost.

High Availability

Even if the Data Rollup Node or Data Index Node is unavailable, users can set up their data index node and recover data from the blockchain. This high availability feature ensures that data is always accessible.

Supported Public Chains

DB3 Network supports a variety of public chains, both in testnet and mainnet environments. Current support includes:

  • Arweave: Fully supported on both testnet and mainnet.
  • Polygon: Supported on the Mumbai testnet, with mainnet support coming soon.
  • Zksync: Available on the testnet.
  • Scroll: Supported in alpha on the testnet.
  • Linea: Available on the testnet.
  • Arbitrum and Optimism: Mainnet support is coming soon.


With DB3 Network, building fully on-chain applications becomes straightforward. Developers can create various applications, such as fully on-chain games, social networks, and other innovative dApps that require permanent and reliable data storage.

How It Works

The architecture of DB3 Network involves a Data Rollup Node and a Data Index Node:

  • Data Rollup Node: Accepts write operations, compresses the data, and rolls it up to Arweave, storing metadata in a smart contract.
  • Data Index Node: Synchronizes data from the Data Rollup Node or recovers the index with metadata and files from Arweave, serving as a queryable API.

This setup ensures that data is both permanent and tamper-proof, with owners having complete control over their data.


Q: Is the DB3 Network a blockchain?

A: No, DB3 Network is not a blockchain. It is a developer tool for decentralized data storage and retrieval, which can be hosted locally or used through a cloud service.

Q: What differentiates DB3 Network from MongoDB?

A: Unlike MongoDB, which uses centralized data storage, DB3 Network utilizes decentralized storage, ensuring data permanence and availability.

Q: Will my data be lost if the nodes are unavailable?

A: No, you can set up your data index node and recover data from the blockchain, ensuring continuous data availability.

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