Databend, an innovative cloud data warehouse built in Rust, serves as a cost-effective alternative to Snowflake. It is designed for fast query execution and data ingestion, making it ideal for complex analytics of large datasets.

Key Features


Databend seamlessly integrates with AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, and more, ensuring a versatile and scalable cloud-native environment.

High Performance

With its high-speed vectorized execution built in Rust, Databend offers top-tier performance for both query execution and data ingestion. Check out the results on ClickBench.


Databend is engineered for scalable storage and computation, reducing costs while enhancing performance. Performance benchmarks like TPC-H highlight its efficiency.

AI-Powered Analytics

Databend enables advanced analytics with AI Functions, providing capabilities for generating SQL, creating embedding vectors, and computing text similarities. Explore more in the AI Functions Guide.

Data Simplification

With no external ETL needed, Databend streamlines data ingestion processes. Learn more about data loading in the Data Loading Guide.

Format Flexibility

Supports multiple data formats, including JSON, CSV, Parquet, and GEO, allowing flexibility in data handling and storage.

ACID Transactions

Ensures data integrity through atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable operations.

Version Control

Databend offers Git-like version control for data, enabling queries, cloning, and reverting data at any point in time.

Schemaless Data Storage

Supports VARIANT data type, enabling schemaless data storage and flexible data modeling. More details are available in the Data Type Guide.

Flexible Indexing

Databend provides various indexing options, including Virtual Column, Aggregating Index, and Full-Text Index for faster data retrieval.


Join the vibrant community for a user-friendly cloud analytics experience. Participate in discussions on Slack or contribute via GitHub.


Databend Architecture Databend Architecture

Databend's architecture is designed to ensure high performance and scalability. It integrates seamlessly with various cloud storage solutions and supports a wide range of data formats and operations, making it a robust choice for modern data analytics.

Performance Benchmarks

TPC-H Benchmark

Compare Databend Cloud's performance against Snowflake in the TPC-H Benchmark.

Databend vs. Snowflake Databend vs. Snowflake

Data Ingestion Benchmark

See how Databend Cloud stacks up against Snowflake in terms of data ingestion performance in the Data Ingestion Benchmark.

Databend vs. Snowflake Databend vs. Snowflake

Getting Started

Databend Serverless Cloud

The fastest way to try Databend is through the Databend Cloud. Experience the power of serverless computing with ease.

Install Databend from Docker

Get started quickly by installing Databend from Docker:

docker pull datafuselabs/databend
docker run --net=host datafuselabs/databend

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