libmdbx-rs provides Rust bindings for libmdbx, a high-performance, feature-rich embedded database library. This project enables Rust developers to leverage the power of libmdbx in their applications, offering efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities.

Key Features

High Performance

  • Optimized storage: libmdbx is designed for high efficiency, providing low-latency data operations.
  • Compact size: Maintains a small footprint, making it ideal for embedded systems and applications requiring minimal overhead.

Robust and Reliable

  • ACID compliance: Ensures data integrity through atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability properties.
  • Crash-proof: Guarantees data safety even in the event of a system crash, thanks to its robust architecture.

Easy Integration

  • Rust-friendly API: Seamlessly integrates with Rust applications, providing a user-friendly interface for database operations.
  • Cross-platform support: Compatible with various operating systems, ensuring broad applicability.

Updating the libmdbx Version

To update the libmdbx version used by libmdbx-rs, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the libmdbx repository: Obtain the latest version of libmdbx by cloning its repository at a specific tag.

    git clone ../libmdbx --branch v0.7.0
    make -C ../libmdbx dist
  2. Copy the dist/ folder: Transfer the generated dist/ folder into the mdbx-sys/ directory of libmdbx-rs.

    rm -rf mdbx-sys/libmdbx
    cp -R ../libmdbx/dist mdbx-sys/libmdbx
  3. Add changes to commit: Include the updated files in your next commit.

    git add mdbx-sys/libmdbx

Use Cases

libmdbx-rs is suitable for a variety of applications where high-performance and reliable data storage are crucial.

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