Xplr is a hackable, minimal, and fast terminal UI (TUI) based file explorer designed to enhance your productivity in the terminal. By integrating seamlessly with various command-line utilities, Xplr offers a flexible and interactive file management experience that is scriptable and keyboard-controlled.


Xplr is built to increase efficiency by acting as an orchestrator for a wide range of command-line tools. Unlike traditional GUI file managers or basic shell commands, Xplr provides a real-time visual interface that is both intuitive and powerful. It doesn't aim to replace existing tools but rather to integrate them into a cohesive, scriptable environment.


  • Hackable and Customizable: Xplr is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to modify key bindings, layouts, and behaviors through configuration files. This makes it ideal for users who prefer tailored workflows.
  • Minimal and Fast: The core design of Xplr focuses on being lightweight and efficient, ensuring fast performance even on less powerful systems.
  • Keyboard-Controlled: Navigation and file operations are fully keyboard-driven, enhancing speed and accessibility for power users.
  • Scriptable Interface: Xplr supports scripting, enabling automation of repetitive tasks and seamless integration with other command-line tools.
  • Real-Time Visual Interface: Provides a dynamic and responsive visual representation of your file system, improving the overall user experience.

Use Cases

Xplr is not just another file manager; it is a productivity tool that bridges the gap between traditional command-line utilities and graphical file managers. It is suitable for:

  • Developers: Integrate with your development environment to manage files and directories efficiently.
  • System Administrators: Perform file operations quickly across various servers and environments.
  • Advanced Users: Customize and script file management tasks to fit your unique workflow.


For detailed installation instructions, visit the installation guide.

Documentation and Community Resources

  • Documentation: Comprehensive guides and references for configuring and using Xplr.
  • Hacks: Explore various hacks to extend Xplr's functionality.
  • Plugins: Discover plugins that integrate Xplr with other tools and services.
  • Integrations: Learn how to integrate Xplr with different systems and workflows.

Introductions & Reviews

  • [VIDEO] XPLR: Insanely Hackable Lua File Manager ~ Brodie Robertson: An in-depth video review showcasing Xplr's capabilities and customization options. Watch on YouTube
  • [Article] What is a TUI file explorer & why would you need one? ~ xplr.stck.me: An article explaining the benefits of TUI file explorers and how Xplr fits into this category. Read the article
  • [Article] FOSSPicks - Linux Magazine: A feature in Linux Magazine highlighting Xplr as a top pick for TUI file explorers. Read the article

Support and Contributions

Xplr is an open-source project supported by a community of contributors and backers. If you would like to contribute or support the project, visit the Open Collective page.

For more detailed information and updates, check out the Xplr GitHub repository.

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