WhatBPM is a daily updated information resource for EDM producers, answering questions like what BPM, root note, key, track length to use for a new production, which labels to look at, and what EDM genres are trending. This tool helps producers stay updated with the latest trends in EDM production.

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  • Daily Updates: Stay informed about the latest trends in EDM.
  • Comprehensive Data: Insights on BPM, root note, key, track length, and more.
  • Trending Genres: Discover the most trending EDM genres.

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Made with Rust

WhatBPM is proudly developed using Rust, ensuring performance and reliability.

CI and Hosting

  • GitHub Actions: Backed by GitHub Actions for continuous integration.
  • GitHub Pages: Served by GitHub Pages.


For more details about the project and its features, please follow the FAQ section on the WhatBPM website.

For Developers

You can freely use WhatBPM data in your applications. Historical data is also available. Follow the For Developers section for more details.


Our project is supported by these wonderful people:

  • nanobii: "Found this on /r/edmproduction and it's a pretty neat resource."
  • SLAVA BASYUL: "Hi) Respect for WhatBPM and Matchering!👍🏻"


WhatBPM was made using WebStorm by JetBrains. Thank you for the Open Source Development License!

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WhatBPM is an invaluable tool for EDM producers, providing the latest data and trends to help you create the best music possible. Explore the resources, utilize the data, and stay ahead in the EDM scene with WhatBPM!

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