Valora is a powerful graphics library and CLI tool designed specifically for generative fine art. This versatile tool is ideal for artists and developers looking to create high-quality, repeatable artwork at arbitrary resolutions. Valora supports various advanced features, making it a robust choice for digital artists.

Key Features

Repeatable Works

Valora allows for the creation of repeatable works at any resolution without altering the original design. This ensures consistency and quality across different mediums and sizes.

Managed RNGs

The library uses managed random number generators (RNGs) to produce repeatable and controlled results. This feature is crucial for artists who need precision and repeatability in their generative art.

Custom GLSL Shaders

Valora supports the use of custom GLSL shaders for each vector path, allowing artists to define unique visual effects and rendering styles. This feature provides significant creative flexibility and enhances the visual richness of the artwork.

GLSL Live Coding

One of the standout features of Valora is its support for GLSL live coding. Artists can experiment with and refine their shaders in real-time, with support for #include directives to manage and organize shader code effectively.

Ergonomic GLSL Uniforms Interface

Valora offers an ergonomic, derive-based interface for GLSL uniforms, simplifying the process of integrating and managing shader parameters within the artwork.

Animation Support

The library includes animation support for both brainstorming sessions and cumulative pieces. This allows artists to explore dynamic and evolving visuals, adding another layer of depth to their generative art.

Documentation and Resources

To get started with Valora, check out the comprehensive guide. This guide covers everything from basic usage to advanced features, providing valuable insights and tutorials for maximizing the potential of Valora in your projects.

For detailed API documentation, visit

Example Artwork

Here is an example of the kind of intricate and beautiful generative art that can be created with Valora:

Example Artwork Example Artwork


Valora can be installed via Make sure to check the documentation for installation instructions and dependencies.

cargo install valora

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