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Dust is a Nintendo DS emulator written in Rust, aiming for high performance and ease of use. Dust provides various features and debugging tools for both end-users and developers.

Web Version

You can try Dust directly in your browser via the Web frontend.

Prebuilt Binaries

Dust offers prebuilt binaries with various configurations for different operating systems. These include:

  • Base Configuration: Includes all features necessary to run games.
  • Debugging Configuration: Enables logging of diagnostic events and includes several debugging views.
  • Debugging + GDB Server Configuration: Adds support for attaching a GDB client to debug the emulated program.

Note: Debugging configurations only add debugging features for loaded programs. All binaries are compiled with optimizations and do not include debug symbols for the emulator itself.

OS and Binary TypeBaseDebuggingDebugging + GDB Server
Windows x86_64 .exeWindows.zipWindows-debug.zipWindows-debug-gdb.zip
Linux x86_64 binaryLinux.zipLinux-debug.zipLinux-debug-gdb.zip
macOS universal appmacOS-app.zipmacOS-app-debug.zipmacOS-app-debug-gdb.zip
macOS x86_64 binarymacOS-x86_64.zipmacOS-x86_64-debug.zipmacOS-x86_64-debug-gdb.zip
macOS ARM64 binarymacOS-aarch64.zipmacOS-aarch64-debug.zipmacOS-aarch64-debug-gdb.zip


  1. Performance: Ensure high performance for smooth gameplay.
  2. Ease of Use: User-friendly design for straightforward usage.
  3. Developer Tools: Provide debugging configurations and tools for developers.


Special thanks to the following contributors and projects:

  • Martin Korth: For summarizing resources on the DS on GBATEK.
  • Arisotura: For research on the system in melonDS, test ROMs, corrections, and additions to the info on GBATEK.
  • StrikerX3: For research on 3D rendering on the DS.
  • Simone Coco, Fleroviux, Lady Starbreeze, Merry, Powerlated, and Peach: For their help throughout development.
  • The Emulation Development server on Discord: For providing several invaluable resources.

Sister Projects

  • Kaizen: Experimental work-in-progress low-level N64 emulator.
  • n64: Low-level, accurate, fast, and easy-to-use Nintendo 64 emulator.
  • Panda3DS: A new HLE Nintendo 3DS emulator.
  • melonDS: A DS emulator that focuses on accuracy and ease of use.
  • SkyEmu: A low-level GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, and Nintendo DS emulator designed to be easy to use, cross-platform, and accurate.
  • NanoBoyAdvance: A Game Boy Advance emulator focusing on hardware research and cycle-accurate emulation.
  • Chonkystation: WIP PS1 emulator.

For more information and to contribute to the project, visit the Dust repository.

Similar Projects



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