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Tuples are a simple and versatile data structure in Rust that allow you to group multiple values of different types into a single compound value. They are particularly useful for returning multiple values from a function.

Tuples can return multiple values of different types, which is not possible with arrays or slices. For example a tuple could be (i32, f64, String) which contains an integer, a float, and a string.

In this challenge, you will implement a function that takes three arguments of different types and returns them as a tuple.

Your task

You need to implement the function create_tuple(a: i32, b: f64, c: &str) -> (i32, f64, String) that takes an integer i32, a float f64, and a string slice &str as input and returns them as a tuple. The string slice should be converted into a String type.

  • The create_tuple function should return a tuple containing the three input values in order.
  • The string slice input should be converted into a String before returning.


let result = create_tuple(42, 3.14, "hello");
assert_eq!(result, (42, 3.14, String::from("hello")));


  • Use parentheses () to define and return the tuple.
  • Remember to convert the string slice &str to String using String::from() or the .to_string() method.