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Mutable Variables


Mutable Variables

Mutable Variables Challenge

Declaring and manipulating variables in programming is a fundamental concept that allows you to store and modify data. Variables in Rust are immutable by default, but you can make them mutable using the mut keyword.

In this challenge, you will declare and use mutable variables in Rust. You will be given a function where you need to declare variables, modify their values, and perform specific operations.

Your task

  • Declare variable text with an initial value of "hello". Use let mut to make it mutable.
  • Re assign the variable text to something else of your choice.
  • Return the final value of the variable.

Println! Macro

The println! macro is used to print text to the console. It is similar to the println function in other programming languages. The println! macro is used to print formatted text to the console.

let text = "hello";
println!("Text is {}", text);

The {} is a placeholder that will be replaced by the value of the variable text.


  • Use the let mut keyword to declare a mutable variable.
  • Reassign the variable directly by using the = operator.
  • Ensure to return the final value of the variable from the function.