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Determine Number Characteristics


Determine Number Characteristics

In this challenge, you will create a function that determines the characteristics of a given number. Specifically, the function will evaluate whether a number is positive negative, or zero and also determine if it is even or odd.

Rust's powerful control flow mechanisms, including if, else if, and else statements, make it easy to handle multiple conditions. By combining these conditions with logical operators, you can create a function that provides comprehensive information about the number.

Your task

You are given a function describe_number(n: i32) -> String that takes an integer as input and returns a string description of the number's characteristics. The description should include whether the number is positive, negative, or zero and whether it is even or odd.

For example:

  • "Positive even"
  • "Positive odd"
  • "Negative even"
  • "Negative odd"
  • "Zero"

Complete the function by implementing the necessary conditions and logical checks.


  • If the number is positive and even, return "Positive even".
  • If the number is positive and odd, return "Positive odd".
  • If the number is negative and even, return "Negative even".
  • If the number is negative and odd, return "Negative odd".
  • If the number is zero, return "Zero".


let result = describe_number(10);
assert_eq!(result, "Positive even");
let result = describe_number(-3);
assert_eq!(result, "Negative odd");
let result = describe_number(0);
assert_eq!(result, "Zero");


  • Remember that the modulus operator % can help determine if a number is even or odd.
  • Logical operators && and || will be useful for combining conditions.
  • Consider the order of your conditions to ensure the correct output.