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Converting Numerical Types


Converting Numerical Types

Since we have so many different numerical types in Rust (e.g., i32, u32, f32, etc.), it is common to need to convert between them.

In Rust, converting between numerical types is often done using the as keyword. This challenge focuses on using as to convert an i32 to a u32. While this conversion is straightforward, it is crucial to understand the implications and usage of the as keyword for safe and efficient type casting in Rust.

The as keyword

The as keyword in Rust is used for casting between different types. It is commonly used to convert between numerical types. The as keyword is used to convert a value from one type to another, as long as the conversion is valid and does not result in data loss or overflow.

Your task

Implement a function called numerical_type_conversion that takes an i32 as input and returns it as a u32. You should use the as keyword to perform this conversion.


  • The function should take an i32 as input and return a u32.
  • You must use the as keyword to perform the type conversion.


let result = numerical_type_conversion(42i32);
assert_eq!(result, 42u32);